Sunny times at The Blue Room

To clarify – this blog is NOT about being pregnant as my lovely friends thought when I first posted on Facebook (although as I mentioned to them I have been exercising more lately and I’ve probably been eating more than my fair share lately – “Gym Baby” the official term is!)

The reason why this blog is called eating4three is two fold:

  1. Eating for two (i.e. Simon and I) wasn’t available….I guess already taken by some pregnant person
  2. We thought a good way to describe trying to find food that suited all the major food types (Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat Eaters)

So ANYWAY – back to the blog…we were heading back from a doctor appointment when we had a brilliant idea to start eating at different places rather than being boring old ‘normal us’ and then posting quick easy ratings and reviews. Because simon is a vegan and I’m a meat eater/mostly vegetarian it’s often a bit of a bitch to find places that suit both of our culinary requirements – so in the hope that we can help other vegan/meat eater couples out there (and trust us it can sometimes be like being part of different religions) we’ve started this little blog of our eating experiences. And since both if us have the attention span of a gnat hopefully this will not be the one and only post we make.

Ok so review one: The Blue Room in South Melbourne. Has all sorts of good meat dishes but for vegans, any of the Napoli pastas work and you can make them gluten free for an extra three bucks.

We shared a pizza and made it have vegetarian half vegan (just removed the cheese) – awesome light base with snow peas, roasted veggies included red peppers, pumpkin and artichokes. We also got chips (confirmed not pre cooked in animal fat) beautiful and crispy with a gourmet tomato relish dip on the side.

Here’s the pics – yum huh?!!

20120105-121533.jpg      20120105-121548.jpg

And check out a copy of this review at Urbanspoon:
The Blue Room Restaurant Bar Cafe on Urbanspoon

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