Hippies reign supreme at Gypsy in Northcote

We had to head out to Epping today to pick up some old mail and a couple of pot plants left behind during our move to balaclava so what better reason, we reasoned, to eat lunch somewhere along the way back. And what better suburb to stop in than the lesbian-turned-artist-wannabe suburb of Melbourne, Northcote.  I do jest of course. 🙂

But as one low cut skinny legged jeans wearing mid-20’s male said to another while we were trying to find a seat at Gypsy Hideout (near the corner of High St and Merri parade), “if you wanna be a true photographer you’ve got to carry a camera with you”….ahh the charm of utter insightful brilliance.

As Simon noticed, we felt a little bit like we were eating at an art gallery (one that hadn’t had funding for a few years perhaps leading to the idea of photographing the board, printing it and making that the menu).  Example below:

Jokes aside, our waitress was super friendly and she told us all the menu options could be changed to suit vegans. Their all say brekkie menu was filled with some insanely with yummy stuff.

Simon ended up going for the sourdough bread (with gluten free option – confirmed no animal products), with eggplant, hommus, spinach, zaatar and mushrooms. Mushrooms were extra and he requeste no haloumi cheese
– Simon’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5
He thought it was really nice for a snack and definitely worth dropping in again

I went all out and had cannelloni style pancakes filled with ricotta and topped with bananas, hazelnut, walnuts and drizzled with honey. Whaaaaaat???!! I had a foodgasm.  Lucky a brought a spare pair of pants.
– Michelle’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

20120106-144922.jpg    20120106-144935.jpg


Check out my review on UrbanSpoon here:
Gypsy Hideout on Urbanspoon

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